Federico Rogelio Yniguez, or
Gif animation of name. "roho" type moves in a wave motion. The gif colors shuffle through a rainbow loop.,
is a Los Angeles-based graphic
designer and art director. You can contact them at

As an independent designer, they work in  design and art direction with clients across the fields of fashion, technology, and music. They are most known for their liminal gradients and atmospheric design sense. They’re often found working on editorial, identity, and worldbuilding design projects that span the realms of printed material and digital epicenters.

Select Clients & Collaborators:
    California State University, Long Beach
    Fundacion Vida (Kali Uchis)
    University of Kansas
    Sundae School

Roho is currently working as a Junior Graphic Designer @ Ralph.

For freelance commissions and inquiries, please reach out via email ~ (’~` ) ~

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Federico Yniguez

Los Angeles-based graphic designer. Currently working as a Junior Graphic Designer at Chunks. Primarily working with visual identity, publication/editorial, and digital design media. Multifaceted, typographically-led and worldbuilding-centered.

Please call me Roho︎

For freelance/collaboration inquiries, please reach out via email.