Federico Rogelio Yniguez, or
Gif animation of name. "roho" type moves in a wave motion. The gif colors shuffle through a rainbow loop.,
is a Los Angeles-based graphic
designer and art director. You can contact them at

As an independent designer, they work in  design and art direction with clients across the fields of fashion, technology, and music. They are most known for their liminal gradients and atmospheric design sense. They’re often found working on editorial, identity, and worldbuilding design projects that span the realms of printed material and digital epicenters.

Select Clients & Collaborators:
    California State University, Long Beach
    University of Kansas
    Sundae School
    Kali Uchis

Roho is currently working as a freelance designer.

For freelance commissions and inquiries, please reach out via email ~ (’~` ) ~

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Federico Yniguez

Los Angeles-based graphic designer. Currently working as a freelance designer. Primarily working with visual identity, publication/editorial, and digital design media. Multifaceted, typographically-led and worldbuilding-centered.

Please call me Roho︎

For freelance/collaboration inquiries, please reach out via email.



    Art Direction, Branding, Editorial, Illustration


Lookbook/magazine for layouts for a fictitious branded named "Golgi Body."

Golgi Body︎︎︎

This experimental fashion brand was developed with the experiential aspects of typography in mind. Golgi, is mainly influenced by the often bulbous but structured forms we see in cells. With that in mind, this project features three typefaces, Cheee, ABC Maxi Round, and Monarcha, to develop ready-to-wear fashion pieces. The structures and textures are all reflective of the typefaces. A ket restriction with this project was to maintain the letterforms while still pushing the boundaries of what type can do.

This project was heavily influenced by Y2K aesthetics but more importantly is meant to take the fashion of the early ‘90s readapt it for modern-day usage. This is known as Y2K21, a revival of the past within the confines of the future.

Year: 2021

    Custom Typography, Editorial


Chromatica Lyric Book︎︎︎

"Everyone has a world of Chromatica within them — your challenge is to bring yours to life." - Lady Gaga

From stan to artist, Lady Gaga’s music has molded my creative expression for eight years. This project combined my newfound passions for custom typography and acid graphics.

Goals: Develop an avant-garde version of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album artwork. From lyric book to packaging, this redesign is a full circle moment for me.
Year: 2020

    Custom Typography, Motion Graphics


After years of designing conventional work, I decided I needed to play and experiement to develop new styles and skills. Here are my experimentations with custom typography, motion graphics, cover art, and more.

Year: Ongoing

    3D Graphics, Custom Typography, Merchandise



“Being misunderstood is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world” - Kali Uchis

This project is a love letter to my culture and interests. An entrpeneurial endeavor that hopefully will become something huge.

Goals: Mejor is an artistic brand that is meant to tap into the nostaligia and futurism of Y2K aesthetics and acid graphix design. This brand is born from and for Gen-Z. In this world, saturated colors and metal textures mix with sans-serif/custom typography to connect the past and future.

Year: Ongoing (Some elements are WIP)

    Advertising, Branding


Guggenheim Museum

Known for its stunning architecture, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is a symbol of modernity in New York City. Featuring some of the world's cutting edge artists, the museum is forward thinking in design and appearance. To embody the structural genius of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect of the Guggenheim, this project focuses on simple geometric forms and typography.

The artwork of each exhibition is handpicked to convey the strinking features of each artist. By placing the art at the forefront of this system, the entire project becomes modern and minimal.

Year: 2018

    Editorial, Experimental Typesetting, Illustration


Type Specimen: Plantin

✹ A playbook designed to showcase the classic stylings of Plantin, one of the most influential old-style typefaces.

This playbook/type specimen book is meant to advertise Plantin as a modern, yet classic, typeface that is versatile. Plantin’s classic form and pose has made it a workhorse font for generations. While normally used in editorial design, Plantin has also crossed over into mainstream media.

“As an homage, this speciman uses the vintage images of chess and classic printing styles to call out Plantin’s unconquerable strengths.”

Year: 2021

    Custom Typography, Experimental Typesetting


Experimental Poster Series

In a similar fashion to my custom typography work, these posters are a series of exercises. Each poster, whether it be through illustration or custom typography, tries to explore the boundaries of visual communication. These posters can be anything from event communications to pure artistic expression to tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture.

Year: Ongoing

    Identity, Packaging


Veneficium: Premium Tree Germination Kits

This project consists of three individual tree kits and spell cards. Spells are based on the category and  type of tree. Later expansions might feature seed packets or spell books to collect the spells from each kit.

Goals: Accurately represent witchcraft without tokenizing or exaggerating it. Develop packaging that is aware of tradition but also new.
Core values:
Honest, accurate, clean. A brand and packaging company that is not afraid of its past.
Year: 2019