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LA-based graphic designer. Currently freelancing for a variety of clients. Multifaceted, typographically-led and world-building-centered.
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Chunks is a fun, colorful hair accessory company that started out of Tiffany Ju's basement in 2019 and has become a cult fave leader in the category. Based in Seattle, WA. Proudly and responsibly made in Jinhua, China.

As junior designer for the brand, I was tasked with maintaining, updating, and designing all design collateral for Chunks.

The brand’s product offering is heavily rooted in late 90s to early 2000s aesthetic. With this in mind, I developed a branding system that refreshed the original brand into a malleable entity. The culminating system is rooted in the product journey, featuring stretching type, delicious gradients, and bold outlines to mimic the acetate Chunks uses in its products.

A summary of the full Chunks world - a brand system designed to be delicious and malleable.

Digital Advertisements

Select packaging pieces for Chunks, including tin covers and pack cards. All packaging projects for Chunks were done with a huge emphasis on “play”.

Email MarketingSocial Media
Above: Various examples of social collateral created for Instagram. I created these posts in collaboration with the Brand Director and Social Media Manager of Chunks.

Reykjavik On Film is the solo photography venture of musician, snny.

The brand focuses on portrait film photography in the city of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Primarily, I worked on a central guide for the brand. With the medium being film photography, I dived deep into the logos and history of iconic brands such as Fujifilm, Canon, and Polaroid.

I decided that the brand itself should reflect the work, specifically drawing references and inspiration from vintage aesthetics. The 70s and 80s were therefore chosen as main reference points. From the color palette being drawn from old Jello catalogs to the brand fonts themselves being influenced by Carnase typefaces, ROF was an exciting experiment.

A summary of the full Reykjavik On Film world - characterized by its exploration of the 70s and 80s.
Proposed Social Media Treatment
Potential Instagram story advertising for ROF. I explored two concepts with ROF’s IG ads: one set focuses on the photography of ROF with subtle branded elements framing the images while the other focuses on a rigid, Swiss-inspired, colorful grid.
Proposed Print TreatmentProposed Brand Guide

Inspired by the NBC Peacock logo brand guidelines, ROF brand guide is rooted in the 70s and 80s. A clear emphasis on geometry, symmetry, and form is meant to leave the guide feeling bold yet classic.
Work In Progress
Some process work with potential type and identity explorations. There has always been a geometric, yet playful approach to ROF’s identity.

Petal Pleasure is the professional name for florist extraordinaire, Dustin Stafford.

With several high profile clients, the brand prides itself on being bold within its floral arrangements.

Petal Pleasure approached me to develop a simple branding system and deck design to better suit their needs.

Being a flourist, Dustin Stafford wanted to highlight the brand’s beauty while also making sure its branding was fresh. After research, we decided to build a brand system that was sleek and modern but with a more Y2K and experimental flare. The culminating brand guide is harsh but beautiful, like the roses cultivated by Stafford in their practice.

A snapshot of the full Petal Pleasure’s brand ecosystem. The brand system toys with the idea of playfulness through the  juxtaposition of seductive visual elements and mechanical typography.
Proposed Print Treatment
Above: Various business card examples. Inspired by Y2K aesthetics, the brand primarily dives into lush and bold elements of the natural world.

PacSun is a SoCal staple apparel company. It‘s dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth.

As a graphic design intern for PacSun, I worked primarily with digital marketing campaigns and assets. Specifically, I designed various email campaigns highlighting different categories of clothing, from menswear to children. I also developed several ad campaigns for PacSun that spanned social media and email.

Other duties included participating in team meetings, ideating and collecting graphics for monthly halo presentations, and working closely with the brand’s digital manager, Elli Zacharowitz, to develop motion graphics for PacSun’s holiday campaigns.

Some notable projects I worked on are PacSun’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns for 2022.
PacSun’s 2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Campaign
One of my larger duties at PacSun was aiding in defining the aesthetics for PacSun’s 2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaign. Under the direction of the brand’s Digital Design Manager and Brand Director, I developed gradient and game-inspired motion graphics, as well as a library of gradients that would eventually be used in the final campaign’s assets. These explorations would be showcased not just on social and email but potentially in-store as well.
Email Marketing
Above: A selection of email hero images. PacSun’s art direction is playful - mixing teen-life aesthetics with SoCal’s sun bleached tones.
Above: Select email body images. Recurring motifs included stickers, arrows, bold colors, and gifs.
A snapshot of paid ads and website banners for PacSun.

Cruising the Capacious was a virtual trans* studies symposium held in 2022 for CSULB’s Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department that examined the teachings of bell hooks and Lauren Berlant.

As freelance graphic designer and co-director of the symposium, I was tasked with creating, maintaining, and designing all graphics for the event.

Influenced by Matt Fournier’s “Line of Flight,” the design language for the event was meant to evoke the sensation of moving through a shared space. Abstract gradients were created, like several worlds or nebula. This contrasted with rigid typography was meant to create a system of design elements that evolved along with the event itself.

Inspired by Matt Fournier’s Line Of Flight and Rorschach paintings, and Swiss typography, the brand identity for Cruising the Capacious leans psychedelic, referencing an event based in philosophy and thought.
Social MediaEvent Program

Friends With Benefits is a new kind of social network made up of creatives and builders who believe in the promise of a better internet.

While at Friends With Benefits, I worked primarily on the brand’s music event FWBFest.

With a robust branding system already in place, my job was to adapt graphics specifically for this particular event. In collaboration with FWB’s in-house team, I worked on graphics for web, print, and social media.

Rooted in fae culture, a return to the woods, and Idyllwild aesthetics, graphics for this campaign mix AI, nature, and technology to create a cohesive story across all brand channels.

Fundacion Vida is a non-profit organization founded by Kali Uchis that focuses on uplifting Latinx individuals in the USA and Latin America.

Invested in healing, uplifting, and informing. Estamos para servirle” - Kali Uchis

As freelance designer for Fundacion Vida, I was tasked with creating a single brand aesthetic and creating graphics.

Tasked with designing a visually pleasing design aesthetic, I worked with a team of designers and researchers to create infographics on current events in Latin America. Diving into Y2K, colorful, gradient aesthetics to match the founder’s energy, this project was meant to deliver information easily but intentionally.
Ethiopia CampaignHaiti CampaignAfghanistan Campaign

Lite Year is creative collaboration between Andy Enness and Yuri Sin. With quality at the forefront, Lite Year is a small clothing brand with a “made to order” mentality at the forefront.

Although specialising in graphic design, I was a general intern, which meant that I worked on everything from shipping packages to designing mailers and campaign collateral. The internship culminated in a branding project that explored identity design. With a heavy emphasis on research, this project was meant to capture the essence of Lite Year for the  imminent rebrand the business would face in late 2022.

The brand is not only influenced by Comme des Garçons,  Dieter Rams, and Helmut Lang, but also the bi-coastal mentalities of its co-founders.
Social Media
As an intern at Lite Year, one of my responsibilities included curating and designing content for their social media feeds. Inspired by mid-century modern design genius, the typography system leans towards grids and blocks of type to build a minimal but informational look.
Identity Work
Above: Custom logotype explorations for Lite Year. Referential of 80s and 90s design aesthetics, these logotypes are characterized as structured yet lively. Heavily influenced by Dieter Rams’ minimal, yet futuristic brand offerings and original Esprit type work.

Golgi or Golgi Body is an experimental brand developed through exploring type forms. Microbial and malleable, the brand’s name sake is the golgi apparatus found in human cells.

With a microbial influence in mind, this project features three typefaces, Cheee, ABC Maxi Round, and Monarcha. Each typeface is from a different category (display, mono, serif, etc) to create ready-to-wear fashion pieces. A key restriction with this project was to maintain the letterforms while still pushing the boundaries of what type can do.

This project was heavily influenced by Y2K aesthetics but more importantly is meant to take the fashion of the early ‘90s readapt it for modern-day usage. This is known as Y2K21, a revival of the past within the confines of the future.

Above: A branded lookbook for Golgi.
Editorial Illustrations
Above:  Custom photo illustrations used to demonstrate the brand’s art direction and styling.  Golgi taps into neo-Y2K aesthetics to create a futuristic look. Key brand ambassadors or collaborators would be Kali Uchis, Tanerélle, Chloe Bailey, and New Jeans.
Identity Work
Above: Type explorations.