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LA-based graphic designer. Currently freelancing for a variety of clients. Multifaceted, typographically-led and world-building-centered.
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Petal Pleasure is the professional name for florist extraordinaire, Dustin Stafford.

With several high profile clients, the brand prides itself on being bold within its floral arrangements.

Petal Pleasure approached me to develop a simple branding system and deck design to better suit their needs.

Being a flourist, Dustin Stafford wanted to highlight the brand’s beauty while also making sure its branding was fresh. After research, we decided to build a brand system that was sleek and modern but with a more Y2K and experimental flare. The culminating brand guide is harsh but beautiful, like the roses cultivated by Stafford in their practice.

A snapshot of the full Petal Pleasure’s brand ecosystem. The brand system toys with the idea of playfulness through the  juxtaposition of seductive visual elements and mechanical typography.
Proposed Print Treatment
Above: Various business card examples. Inspired by Y2K aesthetics, the brand primarily dives into lush and bold elements of the natural world.