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LA-based graphic designer. Currently freelancing for a variety of clients. Multifaceted, typographically-led and world-building-centered.
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Chunks is a fun, colorful hair accessory company that started out of Tiffany Ju's basement in 2019 and has become a cult fave leader in the category. Based in Seattle, WA. Proudly and responsibly made in Jinhua, China.

As junior designer for the brand, I was tasked with maintaining, updating, and designing all design collatoral for Chunks.

The brand’s product offering is heavily rooted in late 90s to early 2000s aesthetic. With this in mind, I developed a branding system that refreshed the original brand into a malleable entity. The culminating system is rooted in the product journey, featuring stretching type, delicious gradients, and bold outlines to mimic the acetate Chunks uses in its products.

A summary of the full Chunks world - a brand system designed to be delicious and malleable.

Digital Advertisements

Select packaging pieces for Chunks, including tin covers and pack cards. All packaging projects for Chunks were done with a huge emphasis on “play”.

Email MarketingSocial Media
Above: Various examples of social collateral created for Instagram. I created these posts in collaboration with the Brand Director and Social Media Manager of Chunks.